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A call to young India

Whenever any problem has stricken to India’s culture and religion, then youths have played a vital role in fighting the evil forces. India’s iconic personalities like lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Chanakya, Swami Vivekananda, Maharshi Dayananda, Shankaracharya etc have played a vital role in transforming the society and they were youths. Even today, Mother India is under threat. The nation has been fragmented into many parts and the mafias are having hold over the governance. The nation is faced with the problems like price rise, corruption, unemployment and poverty.

Prominent economists, tax justice network, GFI Transparency International and World Bank believe that at least Rs 400 lakh croer to Rs 1000 lakh crore of India has been stashed in the foreign banks in the form of blackmoney and the wealth of the nation worth millions of crores of the nation is still being looted. This wealth originally belongs to the people of the country but an ugly nexus among corrupt politicians, officials, corporate houses is working to loot the property of the nation. Imagine that when the wealth of the nation stashed by a few corrupt people of the country in the foreign banks will return, they will be no dearth of fund for development from villages to panchayat to state and national levels. Indian Rupee will be much stronger than US Dollar and British pound and India will emerge as the strongest nation in the world in every field such as industry, agriculture and service sectors. There will be no poverty, unemployment and the country will be stronger than today’s leading nations of the world. But corruption is the major hurdle in the way of the development of the country.

Development is not possible without getting rid of the corrupt system. To make India corruption free and end the rule of corrupt people in the country and make India the spiritual leader of the world and prosperous, we invite the youths of the nation to join the youth wing of Bharat Swabhiman- Yuva Bharat. In every state,one day programmes are being organized which will be attended by Swamiji himself. Now youths are requested to join in large number to achieve the target of Bharat Swabhiman.

Source : Yog Sandesh July 2013

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