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A new revolution in the area of education – Acharyakulam

Acharyakulam Shikshana Sansthana is the divine confluence of the age old tradition of imbibing wisdom and knowledge in the ancient Vedic Gurukulams as envisioned by our ancestors – Rishis and Munis – the sages and saints of BharataVarsha along with the ultra-modern concepts of the Scientific, Professional and IT-enabled Education system of today.

Uniqueness of Acharyakulam Shikshana Sansthan - 

1.  Multifaceted and Comprehensive development of the individual’s personality is the objective of Education. An ideal system of education evolved for the truly all-round development of a child’s Physical, Psychological (Mental),Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual abilities and faculties would be imparted here at Acharyakulam.

2.  Along with the eternal and sacred Oral Heritage of Vedic learning, the latest developments in modern education in an world-class learning ambience, facilitated with the best hi-tech multimedia learning tools with CBSE/NCERT syllabus would be integrated.

3.  Acharyakulam would be a confluence of the best of the Eastern and Western systems and concepts of Education.

4.  This would be the meeting ground of world-class facilities and infrastructure with spirituality, character-building and grooming of  Social and National leadership.

5.  Swadeshi Life-style based on Yoga and Ayurveda with Satvik and nutritious food.

6. Indepth study of the Indian origin Sanskrit language and conversation to the Veda-Vedangas, Philosophy, Upanishad, Vedic Culture, Civilisation, Ethics and Sanskaras and similarly in English language, Conversation, Maths, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Crafts, Sports etc.

7. Regular sessions and guidance from world’s top educationists, Visiting Faculties and Gurus.

8.  Top-notch faculties in the form of Educationalists and Acharyas.

9.  Value based education system.

10.  Cross Fertilisation of ideas with world’s best Institutions and Schools alongwith cross Pollination with institutions of excellence in India.

11.  Innovation & Creativity Focused Programs.

12.  Promoting Research & Analysis Based Learning and free thinking.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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