Baba Ramdevji’s Dream of A Prosperous India

If you have any self-respect for India and if you realize your national obligations and duties, if you have a sense of gratitude towards your country, we call upon all those patriotic, aware, conscious and duty-bound Indians. If these questions raised in the national interest seem fair to you, then you must also participate actively in this movement, and come forward to uproot all these corrupt policies, laws and systems to protect the country and accomplish the duties of a true Indian.


In the national interest, ask these questions to the people running the administration of India and continue to ask them till you find a solution. You will find victory one day.

If the money of India deposited by corrupt people in Swiss bank and other banks of the world – a sum of 72 lakh 80 thousand crore, is brought back to our country then the problems of unemployment, poverty and hunger can be solved on the very same day. A huge amount of 12 thousand, 133 crore, 33 lakh will be available for the development of each district. So why should we not endeavor to bring back the money of our country accumulated in the banks of the world to make a more prosperous India?