Being human being we should not forget our religion

The annual day of Patanjali University “Abhudaya – 2013″ was inaugurated by the hands of the Vice Chancellor of the university revered Acharya Balkrishna, who was the chief guest on the occasion. After the inauguration, he also unveiled a poster exhibition. Acharyashri, while addressing on the occasion said that abhudaya (elevation) is the terrestrial progress, which is purified by religion. As a human being we shall not forget our religion, the ultimate objective of which is the welfare of the world.

Participating in the concluding ceremony the Chancellor of the university Yogrishi swami Ramdevji said that the beautiful presentation of the student in the annual day celebration of Patanjali University exhibits their whole personality. The personality of a student should be like a flower, with element of yoga in it. Yoga is life science. Every human being wants to live healthy and with the help of yoga, ayurveda and natural therapy, a person could remain healthy for 100 years. He said that yoga was confined up to the caves in Himalayas but now it has gained popularity in the world. Definitely patanjali Yogpeeth has played a very crucial role in its popularity. It is a heritage of our seers and now Patanjali yogpeeth has popularized it at scientific and global level. The Patanjali Yogpeeth has blown the bugle of Indian culture in the whole world.

Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj was giving blessings to the students at the concluding ceremony of `Abhudaya-2013`, a yearly ceremony arranged by Patanjali University, Haridwar. The three day ceremony held at Disha Bhavan in Patanjali Yogpeeth. Swamiji said that in India ayurveda was not given prominence and the Government too ignored ayurveda and yoga. But now ayurveda and yoga have earned prestige globally. Any disease could be cured permanently with the help of yoga and ayurveda. Patanjali Yogpeeth, without any Government support imprinted yoga, ayurveda, Vedic knowledge and swadeshi on the world map. More and more people are confident and believing it. Today, the Patanjali Yogpeeth has expanded the field of medicines, education with certification. Earlier, in our country the people had less respect for ayurveda, yoga but Patanjali Yogpeeth has helped overcoming the myth.

Swamiji further said that in Patanjali Yogpeeth `Acharyakulam` would give new dimension to the education system of the country. He said that we lost the track of our culture and values but now the four dimensions of Patanjali Yogpeeth – yoga, ayurveda, swadeshi and education would be accepted nationwide and Patanjali University would play crucial role in it. We are the ancestors and representatives of seers and hence, we would have to enlarge our personality. Swami Ramdev further said that we also want drastic changes in the social, political and cultural sectors. This job has been undertaken through Bharat Swabhiman. We have dreamt of a new India he said adding that there is no barrier of caste, religion or community in Patanjali University. Here spiritualism, nationalism and humanitarianism prevail. We want to make the nation prosperous on the basis of
spiritualism. He further said that Patanjali Yogpeeth has carried the theory of `swadeshi` to the public. He said that this country is not a fiefdom of a political party. The atmosphere of restlessness is prevailing in the nation and water, forests, land, minerals and other natural resources are being looted. We have taken a big leap in the field of social and culture with objective to make the country an economic power. All students shall work in this direction so that the country could become great and powerful.In the three-day `Abhudaya mahotsava` various competitions including poster competition, debate, singing, photography, speech-on-the-spot, drawing and rangoli held and Swami Ramdevji gave prizes to the first, second and third placed winners. On the occasion, the students presented holy songs, nationalistic songs and demonstrated yoga and all the presentations were appreciated well. Swamiji lighted the lamp to inaugurate the ceremony.

Dr Narendra Singh of Patanjali University successfully conducted the program. On the occasion, the chief guest was Avatar Krishna Kaul. The others who were present on the occasion include Co-Vice Chancellor Brigadier (retired) Kartar Singh, Registrar Dr Jawahar Thakur, Professor GD Sharma, Ramkumar Sharma (Officer on Special Duty, Patanjali University), Dr Anita Yadav, Dr Sanjay Singh, Dr Rudra Bhandari, Dr Govind Mishra and Praveen Kumar blessed the students and wished best of
luck for bright future.

Source : Yog Sandesh June 2013