Brave martyr Kanaklata Barua

Many people sacrificed their lives during freedom struggle and Kanaklata Barua was one such women freedom fighter from Assam whose name is counted among most glorious persons who fought for the independence of India and gave supreme sacrifice.

She was born to a middle class peasant family of Bardabari village of Shonitpur district of the state. Her father was Krishnakant Barua and mother was Kanakeshwari Barua. Kanaklata had dreamt to see India as an independent country and joined freedom struggle led by Mahatma Gandhi.

It happened in 1942. Freedom fighters of Assam had decided to hoist National Tricolour at every police station of the state and slogans would be raised to tell the British rulers to leave India. In a crowd of eight thousand men and women in Shonitpur, Kanaklata holding national flag and shouting slogans like Bharat Mata Ki Jai, Mahatma Gandhi ki jai, Vande Matram, 18-year-old Kanaklata arrived at Gahpur police station. On the other hand, the armed police personnel were ready to take on the protesters.

When Kanaklata moved ahead, she was faced with showering of bullets after which fell down and lost her life. Her mortal body vanished but we will always cherish her memory and sacrifices.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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