Centre owes 90 percent Responsibility for black money

During last 64 years of post independent era, Congress has been in power for about 55 years. Congress has a tendency to own the credit for all good things happened in India after independence. I would like to know, why the same party disowns responsibilities for wrong things happened in India after independence. Congress led central government owes 90 percent responsibility for the system of black money. Actually government of India blindly pursues the policy of erstwhile British government which has led us to such a big problem of black money.

If the centre is really serious about bringing back the black money stashed in the foreign banks, then why it doesn’t allow enquiry of the property of all MPs, MLAs and MLCs, first class government officers and the entrepreneurs whose yearly turnover is above Rs 20 crores. I am a hermit, even though, I am ready for scrutiny of my wealth and property.

Government always gives excuses that foreign governments don’t give information about the money stashed by Indians in their banks. But if you come up with an Anti Corruption Law and register FIRs against suspects and seek information about their money stashed in the foreign banks, foreign governments will definitely take it seriously. We know that cases of corruption and money laundering are viewed as serious cases by all governments in the world.

It is my humble request to the government of India to scrap the big currency notes like that of Rs 1000 to end the regime of black money inside the country. Replace the regime of all the direct and indirect taxes by transaction tax immediately. This will have to be done by the government alone. You can’t always shy away from your responsibilities by mere saying that the foreign governments are not cooperating. When I metPrime Minister Manmohan Singh and Rahul Gandhi in June this year, Rahul Gandhi said that Prime Minister will take a call in this matter while Prime Minister agreed that it is not right to allow the circulation of currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

It is note-worthy that terrorism and naxalism are surviving on the black money in this country. Following a widespread demand for bringing black money from foreign banks, the ill-gotten money stashed by Indians in Swiss banks have been shifted to the banks of USA and UK.

USA and UK are neck dip in debt. In fact USA owes the foreign debt of over USD 667 lakh crores. If these countries are so neck dip in debt, where do they get money to lend to other countries like Pakistan? It is a fact that the luxurious life style of the people of European countries is possible only because of money stashed by people of Asian countries in European banks.

According to a recent report, about 600 lakh crores are stashed in USA and US government protects the people who have their accounts in US banks under Financial Secrecy Act. It proves that USA and UK are emerging as new haven for black money. Government’s claims of having struck agreement with 85 countries of the world are nothing but a cheating on the people of this country. In fact, the government has sought information since early days from the Swiss government about black money stashed by Indians. But the same information sought by our government from US and UK governments is only for current year.

It shows that the government is trying to save black money holders. The international laws under which Colonel Gadhafi of Libya and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt were prosecuted, the accused of Bofors scam, 2G scam and many other scams in India should also be prosecuted under the same laws. Till 1952-53, there was just six per cent black money in the Indian economy. But today it has gone up to 50 percent.It is our movement which should be credited for triggering a debate in the Parliament over black money.

Some leaders have suggested me to focus on yoga instead of speaking about economic issues like black money. But perhaps these leaders are unaware of the fact that I too have a right to seek information from the government. If the information is denied, I have full rights to get them forcefully but by non-violent means.It is not justified that there is only one direct tax on rich but a poor is forced to pay about 31 kind of indirect taxes. It will take time to develop a mechanism to fight corruption. It could take even 50 years. But we should not forget that if all the black money stashed in foreign banks is brought back to country, ournation will emerge as a superpower in the world.

Source : Yog Sandesh January 2012