Declaration of complete Independence

We observe annual celebration of our Republic Day with great enthusiasm, but it makes no sense as common man in the country is unhappy

Our country was set free on August 15, 1947 and the newly independent India’s Constitution was applied on January 26, 1950. And hence it came to be celebrated as the Republic Day. This very same day Doctor Rajendra Prasad took oath as the country’s first President and the country brimmed with new emotions.

Indians found their new constitution. The then Viceroy of India Mr.Rajgopalchari  dedicated all his rights to newly elected President ‘Deshratn’ Shri Rajendra Prasad. Now Britain’s coloniza-tion of India came to an end and it was not anymore a nation governed by the British Policies, it became a self-reliant (prab-hutvsampann) Republican country and the Constitution which were created with much labour by the representatives of the country became applicable, the same day across the country. Constitution of Council formed the Parliament and thus independ-ent India got the opportunity to walk on itsown feet. It is one of India’s main national festivals, and so are the days event cele-brated with much fanfare and style.

In the context of Republic Day revered Swami Ramdev Ji Maharaj, has a strong yearning in his heart for the plight of the country and had taken a concrete step in the form of ‘Bharat Swabhiman Yatra’ to
change the current situation which in fact is a call for the complete independence for the country which is our birth right. Revered Swami Maharaj has whole country in his eyes – the far north snow-
covered Himalayan peaks as its crown and in the south her feet being washed by the oceans. Nature has endowed mother India with all the resources but still she is in a bad shape, and how could she be in a bet-ter state? Why even after independence millions of her children do not have proper clothing, are poorly fed, persecuted, and illiterate! What is the reason behind all this? Comfort-absorbed, fanatics enjoying power and opulence are continuously suck-ing the blood of our countrymen! Swamiji’s heart is at pain and has become outra-geous now.

As per Swami Ji, we want to align everyone in tune with the ‘Yog Dharma’and to enlighten their nationalist virtue.We wish to strengthen them with the power of yoga and to utilize all the creative power
of Indians in by self progression with the help of early morning yoga practices and hence by awakening the self first with yoga. Here we are clarifying the queries of correlation between yoga and National development. National development is just a dream without self-development. And, hence we should concentrate on self-devel-opment everyday in the morning and then devote the whole day in the national devel-opment. Duties performed in yoga are not separate from responsibilities towards nation, but both of these ideologies are complimentary to each other. He believes that even after 64 years of independence, the current problems are the proofs of the corrupt policies not being able to justify the national issues. And, hence our policies and current system of governance needs a complete overhauling.

The goal of ‘Bharat Swabhiman‘ is to terminate all systems of generation of black money, to bring back the same, three hundred lakh crores of rupees and to carry over the necessary changes in 34 thousand and 735 laws applicable followed from under the British rule. We need to change the current impotent government that is hesitant in awarding the capital punishment to the rapists, terrorists and killers and butchers of our holy and sacred cows. He has initiated the ‘Bharat Swabhiman’ jour-ney not only to terminate corruption and for mass awakening but also to create and regenerate a ritual and sumptuous India free from any ailment, intoxication, illiter-acy, unemployment and scarcity under the Patanjali Rural Industrial and Self help vil-lage group plan. Bharat Swabhiman is pro-gressing on a daily basis covering the vari-ous regions of India. Any country is harmed less by  wickeds but looses a lot by the apathy of the gentle people. And hence we all need to break the silence, wake on self, awaken the country,and to abhor the devilish and demonic powers by volunteering.

Be a member of Bharat Swabhiman and add more members. Swamiji dreams of bringing the dreams true of our martyrs, to achieve complete independence is the goal set by him for the Bharat Swabhiman journey.

The irreparable loss of our country at Patanjali, due to the unfortunate demise of the National spokesperson and Secretary of Bharat Swabhiman, Shri Rajeev Bhai could not be compensated. To achieve the
goals and dreams of Bharat Swabhiman and Indigenous Progression would be the right tribute to Shri Rajeev Bhai.Many well wishes to all our country-men on the occasion of our national festi-val, the Republic Day.

- Acharaya  Balkrishna