Dhyan Yoga

Venerable Swami Vedbhartiji, a Dhyanyogi of the tradition of great Yogi Swami Ram said that that Swamiji inspire people to practice Dhyan for 5-7 minutes besides prac-ticing Asanas, Pranayam, Astanga Yoga, Hath Yoga and Arsh Yoga. Also, by maintaining silence between 5 and 6 or 7 O’clock, develop and centre inwards your inner energy; it would bring blissful results. So bowing to my Teacher-Student Tradition and Rishi Tradi-tion, this is my spiritual duty to throw light on the extremely essential aspects of Dhyan Yoga.

1. It is always difficult to enter into Dhyan by listening to conversations about Dhyan or reading related books or entering into Dhyan by listening to an expert. So always start by adopting teacher-student tradi-tion and learn it from an accredited Teacher.

2. It would be great if you come to a campfor the initial training. Doing so would require hard work and determination. If you are unable to find such a teacher then you can start it by watching Aastha Chan-nel for a camp for at least three days between 5 and 7.30.

3. For Dhyan, you must do the relaxing exer-cises first. This can be done in any com-fortable posture or through Yoga Nidra.

4. For practicing Dhyan, take your breath as the base with practicing Pratyahar, Dha-rana,Dhyan,Samadhiand patience; then realise the life in every cell, every Chakraor nostrils. Observe each and every breadth, long or short, keep on reciting Aum or any other for a long time, with consistency and full dedication.

5. It is very essential to follow Yam-Niyam and maintaining long hours of silence does also help. While practicing Dhyan, give it the highest priority and don’t let the other thoughts interfere with it. Slow-ly develop this practice. Inviting all of you on Aastha TV at 5 in the morning, I bow to the Brahmain each one of you.

Source : Yog Sandesh March 2013

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