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Divine Commitment of Sri Arvind

By the blessings of the Supreme, I got an opportunity to spend two days at Arvind Ashram in Pudducherry and realize the presence of Sir Arvind and Venerable Mataji. Twenty five years ago, Venerable Gurudevji heard about Sri Arvind from Sri Pradyumnaji. At that time I also read somepart of Savitri also. Later I read a book titled ‘Divya Jeevan’ by Sri Arvind. Having read many books titled ‘Bhagwat Muhurat’, ‘Path Ka Vidhan’ and ‘Mata’ and realising the contribution of Sri Arvind inspired me and enlightened me. I sensed that the inheritance of our Rishis, Godly civilization, Vedic culture and knowledge of our ancestors are still alive. The ideals of our 196 crore old civilization are still evident infront of us. Sri Arvind and his mother were ideals of the pious culture of our Rishis and Rishikas. I got an opportunity to visit the cell, where Sri Arvind meditated and left his body and where his mother,practicing meditation, executed his ideas. I meditated and contemplated, where his mother the goddess of Mercy developed a place, which was later converted into her temple. I got to learn a lot from the selfless services being provided by adopting the methods of Swadeshi and Self-reliance. I did witness a unique experiment of the Spiritual education. During the stay in Arvind Ashram a few inspirations kept on rising inside me, the same have become goals and commitments in my life. I want to reflect on those inspirations here and I believe that the voice of Sri Arvind is also the voice of hearts of all.

Sri Arvind said that the whole life is Yoga. The result of Yoga is divine knowledge, divine work, divine love and attainment of divine life. In this worldly life the goal of Yoga and Spirituality is to establish divinity among people and system. The difference between the Arvind Ashram and others is that at other place emphasis is on Self Realization, while in Arvind Ashram, the emphasis is on Collective Realization. Because, Sri Arvind believed that like thoughts, suffering also comes from outside. So alongwith the inside of us, our surroundings also must be divine so that there is no place for suffering. So combined upsurge of Materialism and Spirituality is Dharma only. We have never termed Poverty, Escapism, Indifference or non-activity as Dharma or Spirituality. Sri Arvindji spreads message to live as a representative of Eternity.

Truth must prevail over society, polity and systems. Devils must not rule over prosperity and wealth, rather nobility like that of Lord Ram must rule over society, polity and wealth. The whole world and India are going through adversity. Mafia has taken over the wealth and prosperity of the country. Only a few rowdies have robbed off all the welfare and happiness from the people following the path of Truth. We will have to change the prevailing injustice, adharma and corruption with full force, vehemence and energy. And with the change in fortunes of India, we will have to establish divinity and godliness all over the world .

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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