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Domestic Methods for Treating Diseases

For Eye Sight

Weak eye sight has become a common phenomenon. Spectacles are not confined to just elderly people but even minors too can be seen bearing them. Here we have some ways to keep eye sight strong.


Apply mustard oil in your eyes before going to bed. After getting up in the morning, collect you urine in a pot and let it be cool for some time. Now pour the urine in an eyewash-glass put your one of the open eye in the urine and make your eye-balls rotate in it so that they could get washed in it. Repeat the same process with your second eye. This has to be done for five times with each of the eyes. Now empty the pot and pour fresh cool water in it and again repeat the same process with both the eyes. After the process, you will feel that your eye sight has become stronger. After 45 days of this experiment, blurred eye sight will vanish. Whenever you find that you have blurred eyes, you repeat this process.


Black pepper- 10 gm, papaya 5 gm, Jawakhar 5 gm, Peels of Pomegranate peel 40 gm, Gur 80 gram. Crush all these properly and prepare their powder and make small balls of them. Chewing these balls 3-4 times a day give relief in cough.

Sexual Impotency

Sat giloy, Pure Vanshlochan, Asgandhgatta, Shatawar, Mishri. Take 60 gm of each of them. Make fine powder of them and filter them for three times. Mixture of the powder should be taken with milk each morning and evening. It will make your sperm stronger and your potency will increase.


Take 10 Kurasani Vach and take it every morning and evening with cow milk. It will cure the disease of epilepsy.

Weakness and Anemia

Two munakka, one big spoon juice of Amla, one spoon honey or a spoon sugar. Take this preparation for three times empty stomach every day. Go for hemoglobin test.


Shitalchini 100 gm, Desi Dhania 100 gm, 200 gm mishri. Crush them properly and turn them in fine powder and filter them thrice. Fill the powder in a glass bottle and everyday first take it empty stomach and in the night after two and a half hour after the meal with milk. If you have constipation then take half spoon trifala or sanay powder with honey. Your problem will be definitely cured.

Source : Yog Sandesh Feb 2013

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