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Enjoy the spiritual power in “Samadhi”

Life of complicity and nirvana lies in extreme knowledge

A devotee in meditation remembers the peace-giving almighty and becomes so engrossed that he forgets himself. Deep association with god provides him immense spiritual bliss and this is called absolute zero stage of self.

The great saint Maharshi Dayanandji Maharaj has said that in the state meditation, the person, his mind and objective, all three continue to exist but Nirvana is the highest spiritual attainment   where soul immerses in the glorious, peaceful and refulgent vision of god and looses its existence.

In Nirvana, there is no separation of these three stages. They join together to become one. A person, while taking plunging in water remains under water for some time, nirvana is similar to it.

A soul takes plunge in the joy of super power and further enjoys salvation. a holy man explains it as when iron kept in intense fire absorbs the qualities of iron and similarly a soul enlightened with the divine power forgets him and gets aligned with the divine power. One's soul enlightens in the light of divine power and virtually he forgets his existence. He is totally immersed in bliss of divinity and this way he attains the stage that is called Samadhi.

Shri Bhoj Maharaj has explained Samadhi as `samyagadhiyate ekagri criyate vikshepan parihatya mano yatra se Samadhi `. (Bhojvrati Vibhutipad 3.3)

The person who commands his soul from aberration and accepts truth means he is concentrating to attain the state of Samadhi.One should understand different phases of Samadhi as described in first paragraph of Yogdarshan. The more elevated state of Samadhi is `Nirbeej` Samadhi.In this state, a person reaches to the extreme stage of samadhi. A human being desires for clover and when he succeeds in controlling his all such desires, his materialistic habits get controlled. His chances to re-indulge in such activities appear far away from him. And this stage is called Nirbeej Samadhi.

This is basically the pinnacle of yoga or the life. The extreme of knowledge is similar to that of the state of a hermit. After attaining the extreme height of the knowledge, nirvana is possible. After attaining Nivana, one attains the state of a Yogi.  After attaining it, the bad habits which degrade the stan-dard of life also vanish. And this is the salvation.

Swami Ramdev

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