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Heaven lies in the feet of Mother

Many questions are being raised on the role of women in Indian society now-adays. But in our tradition, it has been said- Yatra Naryastu Pujyante, Ramante Tatra Devta. It means, where a women is worshiped, it is the place of almighty. If we view according to Islamic traditions, the last prophet of Allah, Hazrat Mohammad has said, “Heaven lies in the feet of mother.”

How it is strange that in one hand a woman is worshiped as a mother, as a sister she illuminates a family, bears all the family responsibilities as a wife and spreads happiness in every family as a daughter. The same women are subjected to atrocities and violence by men which reflects nothing but the duplicity of male. If men, who are stronger than women physically and economically, are denying to give due rights to women, then definitely it is high time to change this mentality of the men. Women too have to change their role from subservient to playing equally important role in the development of the society.

We cannot deny the importance of women in the society.Their contribution to the society can also not be denied. The society cannot prosper in which women are denied freedom and are forced to be subservient. The whole world is moving ahead. Whole world is changing but there is hardly any change in the mentality of men towards women in the society. Growing atrocities and violence against women in the society reflects that we are still bearing medieval mentality even in the modern world. We are required to change our mentality towards women that they are not inferior to us. Women have served on the top constitutional posts of the country and given the fast changes taking place in the world such things are bound to grow. Even the women who are living housewives and feeding whole family are unable to enjoy freedom.

Their contribution in the mission of nation building is no way less than that of their earning male counterparts. We are required to appreciate the efforts and the contributions of the men. Indian society believes in equality whereas western society believes in consumerism.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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