I will not take rest till the corrupts do not disappear from the scenario - Ramdev | Baba Ramdev Yoga

I will not take rest till the corrupts do not disappear from the scenario – Ramdev

Yog Guru Baba Ramdev has said that till demon forces and corruption are not wiped out of the country, the common man could not live in peace. He said that he would not take rest till every corrupt element is not finished politically. He said Hindustan does not belongs to any individual person but is of 125 crore people. Baba Ramdev was addressing people after a free yoga camp held in depot premises.


He said that now the time has come to drive out the corrupt and immoral people to construct a good and prosperous Hindustan. He said that people get chance after every five years. Now the time is approaching and if this time, the train is missed, the nation would be a great suffer. He said that under the present Government, scores of scandals have come up and now it is difficult even to keep count of them. Dhritrashtra is on the throne, who is not able to see, what is happening and is helpless.

Swamiji Maharaj reiterated that lakhs of crores of money is deposited in foreign banks and if the political leadership brings the money back, the country would be `sone ki chidiya` again. He said that our fight is with the system and not any individual. But if someone would try to take our rights, we would not sit quiet.

In the yoga camp, Mahamandeleshwar Ramdas ji Maharaj Dandraua Maharaj also participated. While addressing, he said that yoga keeps a person healthy. Yoga develops a person physically and mentally. He said that we are fortunate that yoga guru has come here. We welcome him on the arrival.

Source : Yog Sandesh Nov 2013

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