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Non-Vegetarian – Suppression of good human sentiments

Meat – eating represses kindness,passion, love and other good human tendencies.

Here is a beautiful instance of Maharshi Charak. Once he asked from his disciples-Koruk, Koruk, Koruk (means tell me who is not ill but healthy). To this one of his pupil Vagbhatt replied- Hit-bhuk,Mit-bhuk and Ritu-bhuk. Means a person who takes proper,calculated and balanced diet, chosen according to the season is the healthy person.

A person shall prepare diet chart according to his nature (knowing about vat, pitt and kapha). The diet decides the tendency and the nature of a human being.  Vegetarian makes a human calm while non-vegetarian incites violence. As far as nature is concerned, in a vat nature with gastric troubles, person shall avoid rice and other products, which adds to the gastric problem.  Such tendency persons shall also avoid diet with bitter character and use more of ginger, `pippali`.
Human beings with pitta nature shall avoid hot, roasted products and rely more on bottle gourd, cucumber and raw food. Persons with kapha tendency shall avoid excess use of cold character edibles like rice, curd, butter- milk. When diet is prepared based on the season, dis-eases keep away. Moreover taking meal at fix time in routine is very helpful. Untimely eat-ing causes diseases.

In morning 8 am to 9 am take light diet like juice or fruits. More the restricted use of grains in the morning hours, more it is beneficial to the body. Persons above 50 years of age shall totally avoid grains in the morning. Lunch shall be taken in for-noon hours, between 11am to 12 noons. Taking lunch between 12 to 1 pm is considered acceptable but after 1 pm is harmful. Dinner is better between 7 and 8 in evening. Dinner between 8 pm to 9 pm is accept-able but after it, as Yoga science suggests, is harmful. It is better to avoid talking during meals, as it is difficult to crunch it properly besides the talking could cause over-eating. Meal shall always be crunched properly. One morsel shall be munched at least 20 times.

Even the violent tendency in a human being is also suppressed if morsel is munched prop-erly. A couplet in Sanskrit says a person waking-up in morning and takes light diet, take milk after dinner and butter milk after lunch does not need doctor for the life. Avoid use of eggs and meat in diet. The almighty has made us vegetarian. When we can survive without killing anyone then why to kill any creature just for the sake of taste. It is better to die than living on non-vegetarian diet. Meat eating suppresses kindness, compassion, love, sympathy and dedi-cation. Man turns into demon. His stomach is like a crematorium.

Swami Ramdev


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