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Not leaders but Mafioso running the nation

Yogguru Baba Ramdev has said that the nation is not being governed by the leaders but Mafioso. In the Baba’s fight against corruption, he held Congress responsible for it and forecast that the Government would not last long. He said that in 2014, foundation stone of the genuine and clean politics would be laid down. He was addressing `Rashtra Raksha Mahasammelan` in Ganj Daranagar, held on the occasion of the 73rd annual day of `Kewlanand Nigmashram`. The program was arranged by the former minister Swami Omvesh.  Swami Ramdevji Maharaj focused his attack on the Congress and corruption. He said that our earning is being sent abroad, in the form of black money.

The total black money inside and outside the country is around 1000-1500 lakh crore and whoever launches an agitation to bring the money back, becomes enemy in the eyes of the Government. Naming Italy, Baba criticized Sonia Gandhi and said that Rahul Gandhi is an immature person. He said that the probe agencies are witch-haunting the people, critical to the Congress and not doing their main job of exposing scams and scandals.

Baba expressed optimism that in next Parliament election, around 300 such members would be elected, who would raise voice to bring black money back, fight against unemployment and make efforts to give correct and genuine price of the produce to the farmers. He called on to identify own strength of being a super power. The present people also took a pledge to dispose of their duties properly for the proposed change. Later, while addressing a press conference, he said that he does not any association with any of the political party.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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