Now India will be Worldleader

Words can not praise the throne,Money can not buy my allegiance,Terrorism, naxalism can not shake me,Songs of cowardice do not exist here,My heart will go for soldiers at the border,With dignity I stand for the honour of the country,Will walk on the path of thorns,Will fight till the end, head held high,Keep blowing off lamps, another one will be lit,That lamp will withstand even a squall,Fire in that lamp will trigger a conflagration,Power of youth in India, will take Worldleadership.

Indian tri-colour is glory, power, self respect of the country,This is the life force of Ganga, Himalaya and Hindustan,Painted in tri-colour this is Hindustan,For which we were hanged and bloodied,The same tri-colour is shamed in Kashmir Valley,This dishonor would not tolerate anymore,No more treachery in any garb,The Delhi which can not protect Tri-colour,Who will stop this division of this country,Passions will rise among patriots,Power of youth in India, will take Worldleadership.

Worshipper of a god who jumped over oceans,Progeny of the one who counted teeth of a lion,A fraction of Dhadhici, built from Vajra,Epitome of self-respect of Pratap,Symbol of sacrifice of Panna, Queen of Jhansi and Hadi,Carrier of the power of Shiva, dignity of Ravindra.

Determination of Dhruv and Garbhgyan,Abhimanyu,Splendor of Vivekanand, sacrifice of Govind Singh,Carrying blood of Ashfaqullah,Bismil,Subhash,Bhagatsingh,Shekhar,History to be written on you, pride of Hindustan,This internal-force will manifest,Power of youth in India, will take Worldleadership.

History of valor will repeat itself,Footprints of soldiers will remind us,Thirsty Kurukshtra exhorting for blood,Sacrifice is again the call from Haldighati,Progeny of Rishi Agatya, will gulp down Mahasindhu,Thrones would shake with revolution,Wake up and rise youth of Dinakar, Exterminate the devil and evil,Bring out a new Sun, from the lows of angst,Save Hindustan with life at stake, Sacrifices will begin again,Power of youth in India, will take Worldleadership.

Now the warzone is another mountain,Committed to war will be hardcore soldiers,Shiva will dance again and Janmejaya will repeat his vow,Dagger of Parsuram will slaughter again Devils will tremble fearing reincarnation of Ram-Krishna,Kanha will overcome the multi-headed cobra,Ram’s arrows will vie for the blood of Ravan,Hindu-Muslim-Sikh-Isai will recite Vandematram,Parth will mount arrow on the bow again,Power of youth in India, will take Worldleadership.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013