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Only Yoga could purify the society

Wiping its tears, the society is ready for finding the solution and it would be a permanent one as enough is now enough. The society include male-females but it always has been as female-male like Sita- Ram,Radhe-Shyam. But in fact no one is first or second because a human being is a unit, where soul is an association of the body and `mana`. The body and the `mana`, both work forthe soul.

The point is very simple that when the body was given prominence, the objective of the life became enjoy and worldly pleasures and self-discipline is left miles away. The soul is dipped in the attraction of the pleasures around in the society. The darkness of lack of knowledge and the atmosphere, weakening the values are prevalent in which, male-females are indulged in sex consensually, which is disturbing the social fabric of the society. Now somewicked people are befallen to the extent that they are committing rapes. Everywhere, there is frightening atmosphere. Now the question arises that in such circumstances, what a woman shall do? Due to various reasons and in odd circumstances, the woman was pushed towards cowardliness.

The society has decided its place, living helpless and in fear. Meeting injustice is considered as tolerance. A woman herself bears injustice and inspires sister, daughter or daughter-in-law, not to protest against injustice. But she forgets that first she herself would have to be safe and then others would be safe. A woman would have to understand that a scared mother could not deliver a brave, courageous and healthy son. Terrorists are born from the womb of scared and terrified mother. It has been proved in a research conducted by a sociology department. Every woman would not only have to keep eye on neighborhood, in office, mid-way and victimization to other woman but also intervene actively.

When problem occurs, there shall be no hesitation in taking help from the people in the surrounding. No child shall hide any misdoing with herself, as it emboldens the criminals. This instance of gang-rape has brought out the pain, suppressed since decades. Now the atmosphere has sanitized. Now such desperadoes would have to face harshest punishment. If entire society understands it well, there would be largescale awareness in the society. Each male, female would keep guard on such instances.

But, when the problem begins with the thought of the mind, then treatment of mind is the best therapy, which could be done by yoga. Seeing a majority of the people ill in the society, Yogguru Swami Ramdevji Maharaj has publicized a package of `Pranayam- Yogasan`. Now it has been established beyond any doubt that yoga cures different ailments. It is a fact that body and the soul are co0related to each other. When `Pranayam` is done with dedication and trust, it betters the thoughts and the soul.

Swamiji has clearly said that a problem is an excuse, the main objective is to reach the goal of Samadhi (vyadhi to ek bahana hai, Samadhi tak jana hai). I pray the almighty that may this unfortunate incident become a catalyst to turn the people towards yoga. Yoga would ultimately purify the society and it would again become the country of saints and seers.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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