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Patanjali Gramodhyog’s new initiative in swadeshi farming

Today, in our country chemical fertilizer and toxin insecticides of worth Rs 5 lakh crore are used and additional Rs 10 lakh crore are spent additionally on the treatment of the diseases caused due to the use of these insecticides and pesticides. More expenditure with less income is forcing the farmers to end their lives. Many more die due to the poisonous vegetables and other produce.

We would have to adopt `swadeshi` agriculture system to generate the same produce with less expenditure and then more produce with the same expenses so that the nation is saved of the chemical fertilizers and insecticides. The objective of the Patanjali Yogpeeth is to establish toxin-free bio and natural farming, prevalent in the old era, in the villages, based on the researches and investigation. The swadeshi fertilizers made of cow dung and urine, free from poisonous chemical fertilizers and insecticides and improved swadeshi seeds could realize the dream of healthy and prosperous India.

Swami Ramdevji Maharaj and Acharya Balkrishna Maharaj are emphasizing on the evelopment of the villages. Swamiji Maharaj said that due to the irresponsible attitude of the politics, the farmers and the agriculture system are in poor shape. The water management system is improper and hence the problems of flood, draught, famine, hunger arise. The total agriculture land in the country is 17.5 crore hectare of which 10 crore hectare land could be used for agriculture purpose. If water management is streamlined, this 10 crore hectare land could be cultivated totally and hence the problem of grains and hunger could be resolved. The country would be self-reliant in grains, food and edible oils. The rural economy could be uplifted to bring smiles on the faces of the agriculture based labours.

In Patanjali Yogpeeth, with the blessings and inspiration of revered Acharya Baljrishnaji Maharaj and Swamiji, under the guidance of the senior agriculture scientists, a massive work is under progress on the model of toxin-less farming, promoting natural bio- farming. Here, practical training is being imparted to the farmers from entire country.

Due to regular use of chemicals and fertilizers, the fertility of the land is decaying fast. Means, the internal chemistry and natural protection to the soil is badly disturbed. The scientists have warned that its result would be very dangerous.

Keeping it in mind, the Patanjali Bio-research Institute is working overtime to resolve the problem. Patanjali Bio-research Institute is producing anti-insects, antidiseases chemicals, fertilizers, zymes and fertilizers to increase the production on bio and carbonic basis. The above bio-fertilizer is an important effort in this direction.

Patanjali Bio-fertilizer is developed purely on the organic basis. In Patanjali bio-fertilizer, residues of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables have been added to the cow dung besides bacteria. The use of Patanjali Bio-fertilizer increases activity of minute living organisms in the soil. Patanjalibio-fertilizer could be mixed with any other fertilizer or medicine. The use of Patanjali Bio-fertilizer could reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. The use of Patanjali bio-fertilizer provides environmental balance besides insect and disease management, ensuring availability of minute elements, which increases fertility.

The use of Patanjali bio-fertilizer gives pure organic food due to which health and environment, both remains healthy. Patanjali Zyme is a carbonic produce, which could be used for all types of crops, vegetables, lentils, oil-seeds, wheat, paddy, soyabeen, cotton, potato, tobacco, fruits’ trees and all types of medicinal crops. Patanjali Bio-research Institute is also preparing Patanjali PCB, Patanjali Azotobacter, patanjali Ryzovium and Patanjali Azospirllum.

Source : Yog Sandesh June 2013

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for save our country we are all Indian help to achieve the dream of our BABA RAMDEV. JAI BABA RAMDEV KI…………..

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