Politics of Dishonesty

Entire country is facing serious problems. The corruption has prevailed like cancer. There is open loot in the country. Lakhs, crores of rupees has been looted in corruption and deposit-ed in foreign banks but the Government is shield-ing such elements. Dishonesty and moneyed peo-ple are enjoying while poor is dying. There is every happiness in the country but for a counted few and rest neck-dipped in miseries.

If given deep thought, the root cause is the politics of dishonesty. There is a political system in the country. Previously, politics was a part of the life but now on the contrary, life has become a part of the politics. Entire life has politicalized and the politics is in the most corrupt form. Politics began with election and elections are being fought with black money. Now election does not cost lakhs, but rores. No millionaire gives money for the service to human being but spends lavishly on the leaders so that they become puppet in his hands. Soon after being elected, the first task begins with falsehood. Submitting the election expenditure details is a bunch of lies. Thus, the politics which begins with falsehood can how give an honest administration to the country. In the country, there is lack of any leader of national stature. The national parties are rendered irrelevant. Even the leaders in the party are less and they too are associated with any par-ticular group in their own party. There might be separate groups on the basis of policies and thoughts but now the politics of groupism is prevalent just to capture power and continue to stick to it.

Due to large-scale dishonesty and politics of groups, the administration too was politicalized, which led to large-scale corruption. Though, in such adverse conditions, many administrative officials work with full dedication and honesty, which shall be praised with open heart. But the number of such officers is fast reducing.

In the internal bickering in a political party, shod-diness has attained new dimensions. Even the charges of selling of ticket during election are common. It is also common to fund another candi-date to get official candidate of the party defeated. The leaders are not faithful to the party but to their group and group leader. The high-level shod-diness and corruption has defamed politics. This politics of dishonesty is the root cause of all trag-edies happening in the country. Crime, rape inci-dent, poverty, inflation are going up. The demon of dishonesty is attacking mother India.

Today, there is dire need to bring fundamental changes in the administrative system and election procedure or else, the politics would go the same way. There is need to introduce amendments in the parliamentary ruling system to end the influ-ence of money and black money. If no change is brought immediately, the politics would be guided by prevaricates, dishonesty and corruption, which would take the nation further at downslide.

Source : Yog Sandesh March 2013

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