Prepare factual report on black money, corruption, land scams, loss and brokerages

A national convention of the legal cell of Bharat Swabhiman in which many senior members, advocates, legal experts, justices, RTI activists and representatives from different NGOs participated, held at Patanjali Yogpeeth-II.

Yog Sandesh

While addressing on the occasion most revered Yogrishi Swami Ramdev said that in the pre-liberation movement, advocates played a very important role. He asked them to work justifiably in the best interest of the nation. The truth can not be hidden and it comes to fore and hence, fight only genuine and true cases. He asked them to desist from the earning of sin. He said that in this premises only good and honest people have come. While exercising yoga and pranayam, swamiji said that yoga gives justifiable attitude. He called on the present people to raise voice for the proper re-building of the nation from the Government under the banner of Bharat Swabhiman and play an important role in the welfare of the country.

Maharajshri told that a person shall have total control over his body and organs. A person shall self-control himself. He asked to work with dedication and attention. For complete and proper health, he suggested 12 `asans`.

While  discussing  Land  Acquisition  Act,  revered  Swami Ramdevji  Maharaj  said  that  the  people,  to  whom  we  have given the responsibility to run the nation properly are regularly failing. They are imparting injustice to us and hence it is our  duty  to  control  them  as  they  have  become autocratic.Maharajshri, while addressing the conventionof judges, legal experts,  advocates,  RTI activists stressed  to  prepare  an authentic and factual report on black money, exploitation of forest,  land  and  water  and  other  natural  resources.  He  said that  if  we  get  even  5  percent  people  for  the  purpose,  the nation  would  be  immensely  benefitted.  He  asked  to  collect the data of scams, losses, bribery, brokerage and exploitation of natural minerals.

Maharshri said that farmers are considered as the caretakers of the land and now their owners. After independence, farmers  and  labors  have  been  subjected  to  injustice.  Why  the farmers should suffer for others’ mistakes? There shall be no discrimination  in  the  name  of  treatment  and  education.  In immense  need  only,  lands  shall  be  acquired  but  not  fertile lands as the area of productive land is fast shrinking. In the name  of  land  acquisition,  there  shall  be  no  injustice  to  the farmers.  To  press  the  demand,  under  the  banner  of  Bharat Swabhiman,  a  proposal  would  be  sent  to  the  Government. And if needed be, a massive agitation would be launched.The national convention of the legal cell was conducted by Ms Rita Kohli (Additional Advocate General, Punjab). Barrister Dr JC Batra spoke on land acquisition act. He praised Yogrishi Swami Ramdevji Maharaj for the activities, he had undertaken in the interest of the society. He shed light on the act and said that the Government acquires costly land of the farmers and gives them meager compensation. The poor farmers are getting poorer.

Rajiv Khosla, Advocate of Delhi High Court said that farmers are the deprived class in the society and the Government is acquiring their lands at throw-away prices.

The  President  of  Kisan  Sangarsh  Samiti  Dalbir  Singh  Yadav said that in the land acquisition, political leaders, farmers and corporate  world  have  joined  hands.  On  the  occasion Maharajshri  released  a  book  of  an  IIT  Engineer,  Kanpur  on the religious epic `Gita`.

In  he  second  session,  the  Head  Central  Incharge  of Bharat Swabhiman, Dr Jaideep Arya invited Advocate of  Delhi High Court Vishnu Sharma to speak on `imact of black money on the economy` and Suresh Chandra (On Record,  Supreme  Court)  on  `natural  resources`.  Both the  speakers  held  Government  responsible  for  the deposition of black money and loot in land resources. On  the  occasion  many  other  dignitaries,  legal  experts and RTI activists expressed their views.

Source : Yog Sandesh July 2013