Prime Minister, a robot of Sonia Gandhi – Swami Ramdev

Yogguru Swami Ramdev, in a meeting organized at Buxar launched scathing attack on Congress and said that the Congress is trying to sell the nation via FDI. This is disastrous for the nation and hence, in next Lok Sabha election, the party should be thrown out of power. He also gave Yoga tips to the people attending the meeting.

The public meeting was arranged under the banner of Bharat Swabhiman. While addressing the meeting Swami Ramdev said that first he would talk of the desh (nation) and then deh (body).

Swami Ramdev

While criticizing the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, he said that Manmohan Singh is being remote controlled by Ms Sonia Gandhi. He said that those, who are not with us on the issue of corruption and black money would get defeated in the coming Parliamentary election. He claimed that any figure, between 300-400 of such people would reach Parliament, who agree to our views. Swami Ramdev said that to maintain Bharat Swabhiman, boycott of foreign goods is essential, adopting swadeshi. He said that the people are fed-up with mounting corruption and injustice prevalent everywhere.

He questioned that when Congress does not want to bring back millions of rupees ill-gotten money, stashed in foreign banks back to the nation, how the nation would develop? He said that inviting FDI, the central Government has hit the very basic of poor people. He said that many thousands of people would be rendered without any source of earning, if FDI is permitted in the nation.

He called on the people for a final and decisive assault on the union Government as the time has ripe for final war after 65 years of independence. The people should not be divided on caste and community lines and join hands against corruption. People need to give befitting reply to Congress in the coming Parliamentary election. He urged the farmers to increase the area of cultivation and told that if farmers get power and water in time, they would not be forced to commit suicide.

He lamented that the Government is not safeguarding interests of Hindus and said that India has become the largest exporter of cow meat in the world. He directly attacked the Prime Minister and said that he is a representative of foreign companies. He said that had the Congress been honest to the country, we would not have been among the poorest nations. He said that the body and blood of Congress was imported already and now their soul is also like a foreigner. He said that the pyre of Congress is ready and only funeral is left.

Source : Yog Sandesh Nov 2012