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Protection of domestic-breed cows necessary

Now if Laxmiji is scatterbrain and stay in dung, it shall be used soon. A larger portion of cow dung and cow urine contains nutritious elements. In one gram of cow dung of domestic cows, the number of minute organisms stand around 300 crore to 500 crore and in contrast, the number of such nutritious elements per gram of cow dung of foreign origin cows is not more than 70 lakhs. And this micro-organisms structure contains mainly of disease-oriented organisms. The foreign based scientists have proved the presence of 63 crore disease organisms in one gram of cow dung.

A cow delivers around 10 kgs of dung daily. An ox 12-13 kg, buffalo 15-16 kg and a calf on an average gives 4 kg of cow dung. Now according to the scientific theory one gram of dung has 63 crore organisms x1000 grams x 10 kg = 6.30 crore organisms. Now a farmer having 12-18 acres of land and if, he has 2-3 cows, 3-4 calves, two ox and one buffalo, it is sufficient to cater its domestic needs. The cow dung of 8-10 cattle would have 63 crore organisms and if multiplied with an year i.e. 365 days, it would come around 22,995 lakh crore organisms. And mind that this is the calculation for foreign breed cows. The domestic cows have produces, with 100 times more organisms. And if we deeply compare between foreign-origin and domestic cows, the latter has 100 times more micro-organisms and the most important difference, which came to light is that domestic cow has all micro-organisms while foreign-breed cow has a larger portion of disease-related organisms.

The Government is promoting cow slaughter,which has cast deep adverse impact on the economy. We would have to save cows from being slaughtered. We call land as mother earth. Soil is the basic need for a stable tree and not only soil, but the elements present in it, play important role in the productivity. The 98.5 percent of the plants, trees is made of three elements, fire, water and air. The nature gives these elements to the plants.

The chemical farming has spoiled the micro organisms, much needed for the better productivity. Hence, it is our responsibility to re-introduce these crores of micro organisms to make our soil better quality. When we mix one gram of cow dung of domestic cow in the soil, we add 300-500 crores micro-organisms in the soil. When we mix ten kg of cow dung in the soil, in a day, we mix 30 lakh crore organisms in the soil and when we mix 10 kg of cow dung, we add 30 lakh crore organisms in the soil. Likewise, when we add `Jeevamrut`, prepared of 10 kg of domestic cow dung, we add the same number of organisms to the soil.

Whenever we see the picture of domestic cow, we also see the mention that a cow is the house to 33 crore deities. In fact, it is not that actually 33 crore deities live in the body of a domestic cow but it is just symbolic. In fact, it is this 33 crore micro-organisms. Thus, the protection and conservation of domestic cow is necessary and the lone alternative before us. In the present conditions, we would have to take cow protection and their safety in a campaigned manner.

Source : Yog Sandesh April 2013

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