Strengthen economy as compared to China

India needs to make economy strong as compared to China to tackle the neighboring aggressive nation. Just deploying over one lakh soldiers on the borders would not safe guard our borders said Swami Ramdev while addressing a meeting at the local Shalimar bagh. The poor has become poorer in post-independence period and the Governments are being remote-controlled by Europe and America. Europe is also passing through difficult phase of economic crisis. The values of Euro, Dollar and Pound may fall anytime. Many nations, including America and Britain are under heavy debts of worth millions of dollars. Britain has debt of 14.5 lakh crore rupees.

The policies of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank have turned the world hell. The price of crude oil is reducing but fuel prices are repeatedly hiked. Baba Ramdev said that there would be no relief from inflation till economic policies are not changed. He said that he would launch a massive agitation if the Government fails to pass bill on black money in the winter session of the Parliament. During agitation, public would press members of Parliament to raise voice on black money in the Parliament. He said that his agitation would continue till black money stashed in foreign banks is not brought back besides making nation corruption free and change in the present system. He said that the union Government has received lists from the foreign banks, mentioning names of the Indians, who have deposited huge money in their banks.

Cases of treachery should be registered against such person and institutions. While discussing Bharat Swabhiman yatra, he underlined that his campaign is for the nation building and public awareness and not against any Government. He said that the policies and intentions of the Congress are always based on petty politics. When asked about his anti-Congress stand, he said that he is not against any individual party but against the anti-national policies. While discussing 2012 election, he said that he would stand by the party, which supports his views.

Source : Yog Sandesh January 2012