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Tasmat Yogi Bhav – Arjuna

Awakening the soul of the Indians throgh Yoga and making the path of development strong.

We have not done anything contradictory by starting the
nation’s awareness alongwith the yoga or by blending
the Yog dharma with Rastra dharma, rather we have accepted the
yoga in its broad sense. We have no doubts, conflicts, confusions
and illusions in our mind regarding Yog dharma and Rastra

Our policies and intentions are very clear and our aim
is to unite the divided India and, that too, in its well-worth form.
Yog literally means addition. With this tool we want to organise
the whole nation.

We want to make every Indian the very first
Yogi. As a result, we can expect a yogi to be a strong charactered
youth. A yogi will be a patriot teacher and doctor, a thoughtful
chartered account, a struggling lawyer, a well-aware farmer, a
well-behaved soldier, defence personel and policeman, a dutiful
officer, a dedicated staff and labour, an energetic bussinessman,
a nation loving artist and a journalist, a scientist devoted to
nation’s interest. He certainly would be laborious and experi-
enced. In our views the progress of nation can not be expected
without development of soul.

We are sure to make an ordinary person a good human being
through yoga. We also wish to see a mother as an ideal mother.
We will lay such a cultural and ritual foundation where the moth-
ers give birth to the sons like Rama and Krishna. This, we will
bring by preparing the ideal mothers and fathers through yoga.
The yoga enlightened person will neither decieve anyone
belonging to his society, nation and entire universe nor will he
involve in any violent activities as he will believe that telling a
lie, dishonesty and decieving others is nothing but deceiving

Due to self-deviation and self-negligence our country is loosing
its moral values, and is involved in corruption, dishonesty, anar-
chy, immorality and insenstivity. We are making our efforts and
are sure to re-establish the empire of happiness, prosperity,
pleasure and peace on the land of sages by the Yoga Movement.

Swami Ramdev


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