This year is the time of revolution in India

Yogguru Swami Ramdevji Maharaj displayed his strength in the Kumbh Mela, holding a massive and well-attended `sant sammelan`. Many saints, who had come from the corners of the country, attended the convention and praised Baba Ramdev with open heart for his works for the welfare of the society and the nation.

While addressing the convention in Sector 11 of Kalyan Sewa Ashram, Baba Ramdev said that this year would be the year of revolution in the country. After an year, in 2014, a new and shinning India would emerge. Though indirectly, he called on to wipe out the present UPA Government in the forthcoming Parliament elections. Yogguru said that the deliberations in Kumbh mela would ultimately lead to a big decision.

Swami Ramdev targeted the Congress President Sonia Gandhi and said that when any nationalistic and patriot persons would held the chair of the Prime Minister, the wel-fare of the country would be ensured. He called on to change the direction and the Mahakumbh Nagar. The saint community of the nation is worried on the pollution in Yamuna River. Intense deliberation was made in Kumbh Mela at Guru Kashrni Ashram camp, located at Sector 12 on the intense pollution in Yamuna River. Yogguru Baba Ramdev expressed deep con-cern on the present condition of sacred rivers Ganga and Yamuna and attacked directly on the Prime Minister. He said that the polluted water of Ganga and Yamuna should be offered to the Prime Minister to drink and only then, he would be wor-ried on the pathetic condition of the rivers.

He said that the condition of river Yamuna is very worrisome particularly from Delhi to Agra. The people are agitating against it but the Government appears to be deaf and dumb. Yogguru said that the fight is not only for Ganga or Yamuna but it is the fight of ideology and thoughts. He said that the people, who do not have any worry or concern for the environment, are ruling the country. While referring many projects, he claimed that the Government his prepared to make the country as the dumping yard of the world.fate of the nation, and the process has been initiated in this sant sammelan. The international President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Ashok Singhal said that how long the God would continue to live in the make-shift temple of cloths.

Swami Chidanand Muni on the occasion called on that before Mauni Amawasya, saints would have to do something so that the people are made aware of many secrets. Mahamandleshwar Pilot Baba underlined the need of injecting sacrament and culture among the children. Mahamandlwshwar Swami Maheshwaranand said that only good culture could safeguard the country and the religion. In the convention, Swami Ramanandpuri, Mahamandleshwar Swami Atmanand, Swami Anand Chaitnya, Premanand, Mahant Narehdra Giri, Ravindra Puri, Govind Giri, Hemanand and Ved Bharti also expressed their opinion.

Source : Yog Sandesh March 2013

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