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Treatment for Swine Flu

There is no treatment for Swine f lu in medical science. Likewise, neither is treatment available for Dengue nor is for Chikungunya. But we have foolproof treatment for Swine f lu. First of all, let us know what this swine f lu is. Fever is a communicable disease. Similarly swine flu is an infectious disease which has a little severe infec-tion which adversely impact lungs and it may cause bleeding.

Swine Flu

Symptom of Swine flu: If someone has severe cold and cough with bleeding which deny to be checked after all sorts of treatment, then there is greater possibility that the person has infection of swine flu. While treating the disease, it should be tried to check all three problems like- coughing, cold and fever.

Black pepper which is easily available in every household, can be used in coughing and it is effecting even in coughing caused by swine flu infection. Mixture of Black pepper, Mulethi, Giloy should be taken with Mishri (Sugar) thrice. This will definitely control coughing, fever and bleeding. Take 5-6 grains of black pepper, 5-6 cloves, 5 gram giloy, 1-2 gram Mulethi and 2-3 almonds. If almond is sucked with black pepper, it is very effective in coughing. Add 1-2 grams of turmeric in the mixture and boil them in water. This water in which the mixture is boiled is called kadha. This kadha is very effective in all kinds of fevers. Adding Tulsi leaves is also beneficial.

Swine flu has claimed over five crore lives. In dengue, the platelets become as much low which can cause death of the patient. Swine flu makes our respiratory system dysfunc-tional. It has capliz. The tissues get damaged and lungs stop functioning. Treatment via Pranayama. This is a special advice to the patients of swine flu. They are advised not to undertake exhaustive Pranayama as it may cause bleed-ing and harm lungs. Swine flu patients are advised not to do Kapalbhati Pranayama.

Shitali-Shitkali Pranayama is very effective for the patients of swine flu. It cures fever. It also helps to stop bleeding. One can perform it for 5-7 minutes. Moreover, one can also perform Anulom-Vilom Pranayama but in a slow pace. If natural Giloy is not available, then you can get Giloy and Tulsi tablets from Patanjali. If your fever is due to swine flu or dengue, then Giloy is most effective. Moreover, one can take effective kwath to get rid of fever. Jwarnashak Vati, Mahasudarshan Dhanvati can also be taken.

Swasari kwath and Pravahi are also effective. Chew 2-3 almonds, 2-3 black pepper when you are suffering from coughing. It gives you stamina to fight infections. If you have weakness, take 3-5 Munakka, 3-5 Anjeer which are very effective in fever and they also reduce your weakness.

Source : Yog Sandesh March 2013

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