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Victory of Truth

Since our childhood we studied “Satyameva Jayate”. Vinashkale Viapareet Buddhih. This is true that when somebody’s decline is certain, mother Sarswati robs his or her intellect. Devils like Ravan, Kansa, Nahush, Hiranya Kashyap began to inflict atrocities on children, women, saints and Rishis. Similarly present government has wreaked havoc on the people and has made their lives hell. Neither the children nor the youth of the people are secured. Neither women are safe nor young people have enough work opportunities. All the poor people belonging to any caste or community common man, tribal people, dalits, people in minority, vil-lagers, all of them are fighting to get their right-ful share.

Nobody is listening to them and when an ascetic with grand compassion raises his voice to get their rights, their dues, then con-spiracies are hatched to suppress his voice; he is tortured and he is threatened for his life. How shocking is it that Babaji who is struggling to bring betterment in the country is himself suf-fering so much. One who is bringing Amritto the nation is himself having to drink poison. The stones which he cleared from the roads of daily lives, same are being thrown on him.

All the government agencies like Police, IB, RAW, Intelligence, CAG, CVC, and CBI, all were put to use to chase Baba. The num-ber of notices which have been sent to Patanjali Yogapeeth in the last two years, they have not been sent to anybody in the last 200 years. We would like to inform you that this is the same Babaji, when inaugurating the Patajali Yogapeeth, 20 chief ministers had come to haridwar. Those were the people, who promised to build railway station and airport but had not it been the case that Babaji started fighting for a common man, they might have been built. Why did such a change happen that Babaji, who was called an fortune keeping ascetic, was received by 4 min-isters at the airport, presidents of the country had orgnised Yoga camp in the presidential house? Because this Yogi tried to confiscate the stolen money from the head of thieves. Since the incident on 4th June 2011, how many times they have lathicharged and jailed Babaji’s support-ers? These devils have crossed all the limits of stomping down saints; in the case of Ayurveda expert Venerable Acharya who was sent to the jail on false charges.

Even after committing such atrocities, that much is not enough for them. Last month I got to know that this insensitive and cruel government has sealed all the accounts of Patanjali so that they can torment millions of people being served by the trust. But who is pro-tected by the god can not be killed by anybody.

Ravan, Kansa and hiranyakashyap who wanted to kill Ram, Krishna and Prahlad respectively got killed themselves. This government had to kneel down in front of the dedication of millions of people and sacrifices of Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishna; and the government had to withdraw and ordered to release the accounts. Truth won over untruth. Then I got to know ‘Satyameva Jayate’.

Source : Yog Sandesh March 2013

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