Yoga Makes Healthy

Practicing Yoga helps and upkeeps every body part disciplined and timely practicing yoga develops and increases our immunity and keeps us in good shape away from health issues.

From all of our ancestral sages, hermits, saints,divine beings, Lord Shiva, God Shri Krishna,exemplary Lord Shri Rama to near present yogi Shri Arvind and Maharishi Dayanand ji were all staunch yogis and were minus any health related issues.

The main factors of illness are tension,degrading immunity, pollution, rogaanu -kittanu, degeneration of the internal organic system or its main parts and hereditary genes. Yoga prevents degeneration by strengthening the internal organic structure with the help of balanced diet,healthy lifestyle and developing/increasing immunity along with some yogic asanas like Bhastrika,Kapaalbhati and Anulom-Vilom.

We could achieve a state of complete health body by working on cellular construction level of our body and the whole biological system from the reproductory system to endocrine system with the help of different yogic practices. The science of yoga could be used as a weapon of potent against illness and abysmal biological disturbances and not just as a philosophy; our yogis have been using it as a science for time unknown. In our society of more than 100 crores people have benefited from yoga.

Yoga is now being accepted amongst doctors and scientists too and not just common practitioners. It is the dawn of time when we should start accepting
yoga or else our future generations might get entrapped in the endless epidemic cycles.

It was believed and now accepted fact too that God and Nature would return to us in manifolds what we are indulged in. Our karma whether it is sane or insane or our corrupt deeds. We should be ready to pay for our violent acts and must have to prepare ourselves to die a violent death a many terms of thousand, lakhs and crores by being corrupt or being a part of a theft or practice the law against the nature, we should be ready to payback in terms of lakhs
for thousands earned, crores for lakhs earned and millions and billions for crores earned. So is the law or ideology of nature and karma.

If we sow a seed of sesame, chaulai, bajra, babool or bhaang then it not only ripens the same stuff in the same quantity but manifolds of it. Seasme, Chaulai, Bajra should be taken as the sane examples and babool and bhang (Dhatoora) as insane examples. We get paid back for what we have been involved in. There is a slight difference in sin or sanity, a very little difference but a vast difference in terms of understanding. Any work that hurts someone or incurs losses on someone is a sin, a sacrilegious deed, whereas something that helps/pleases or is in tune with the law of nature is sanity.
A single see of chaulai if sown/planted nicely or offered as a sacrilege to the mother earth and irrigated, the same seed could fill the whole house in just sometime. But the same seed gets wasted if we plant it on roasting earth.And so is the return of sacrilege if offered to the righteous taker and not if given to the wrong person, we would have to die, to be looted and to be insulted many times if we are indulged in eating non-vegetarian..