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Yoga the best medicine of all diseases – Swami Ramdev

Cold has descended after Sharad Purnima but despite dipping temperature, people in large number gathered before Gayatri Shaktipeeth, located in the local Dak Bungalow. Since 4 am, the people started gathering from the adjoining areas Harangaon, Jiyagaon, Kolari,Eklera, Kannaud, Kantaphor, Satwas and SeoniMalwa. A free yoga camp was arranged here under the joint aegis of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Kisan Panchayat and Bharat Swabhiman in which thousands of people participated and took `yog diksha`.

Yoga While addressing the participants Swamiji said that all the diseases have treatment in yoga. Allopathic medicines can not cure any diseases cent percent. It just suppresses the diseases, which could recur any time. But Yoga is a sure shot treatment. He said that the day, when all the people of our country would wake-up and perform yoga, strong India would emerge once again. During training Swamiji gave the details of various exercises related to yoga and pranayam and also their benefits. He suggested ayurvedic medicines for `vata`, `pitta` and `kapha` related diseases and their side-effects. He called on to use swadeshi products and quit intoxicants like `bidi`, tobacco, and shed anger and goism.

Swamiji also described different subjects like `rajsi`, `tamsi`, trade and other activities. The camp was to conclude at 7 am but due to overzealous people, it continued till 8:30 am.

Source : Yog Sandesh Nov 2013

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